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April 28
The whole school focus is Courtesy

​Particular attention will be given to how we can show others that we value them by showing respect, being polite and using good manners

Stereotypes are a challenging topic for people of all ages. The Year Two children are engaged in a unit that focuses on being you, ordinariness and belonging. Activities centre on those times when we feel dissatisfied and think our lives would be better if we were different. The topic of stereotypes is explored through a book study Arthur by A. Graham and D. Gynell. This is a story about an ordinary dog in a pet shop that no-one wants.
Taking Responsible Risks-Habit 13, challenges one to try new things, be adventurous, daring and move outside the comfort zone. The Year Three children are engaging in this HoM as they explore what it means to experiment, explore and see how far they can go.

“Sometimes you just have to take a leap and build your wings on the way down”. G. Jenson


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