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June 02
Step up news
This term, all students in Years 3 and 5 are taking part in the Step Up Literacy program which has a specific focus on reading and writing. All students attend a Step Up session four times each week where they work in small groups with the support of a teacher or teacher aide.  This program focuses on teaching and practising reading comprehension strategies and skills for improving written expression.
The focus reading strategies are explicitly taught.  These include:
• Activating prior knowledge
• Synthesising
• Questioning
• Summarising
• Visualising
• Skimming
• Scanning
• Self-monitoring
• Predicting
• Making connections
• Inferring
Each week we introduce a new “word of the week” with a goal to build the student’s vocabulary.  Please ask your Year 3 or Year 5 child to tell you about this week’s “word of the week”.


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