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May 24
Native bees at OSHC

Many new families to our service may not be aware that we have native bees on site at Camp Hill OSHC.  The reason for this is that ‘sustainability’ is embedded into our program by both desire and in adherence to our regulated framework (which so many people are still unaware we have). Our bees do from time to time provide us with a delicious citrus infused honey, but their introduction to OSHC was for much bigger reasons.

The global bee population, including that in Australia, is in quite rapid decline. This is largely attributed to disease and pesticides. This is a much bigger problem than just a potential lack of honey. Bees, both domestic and wild, are responsible for pollinating a staggering percent of both crops and wild plants. Their reduction has a very real threat on agriculture and even the propagation of natural forest. It was with this chief consideration in mind that we acquired them.
Over the period of time we have had the bees, we have noticed a direct effect on our fruit and vegetable gardens. In addition to this, it has given staff an amazing opportunity to discuss symbiotic relationships that occur in nature and are often overlooked. And yes, every now and again, delicious honey.
Angus Gorrie 


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