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June 21
OSHC Winter camp

Over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of June a large portion of the Camp Hill OSHC team travelled to Hinze Dam for the first ever OSHC Winter Camp. The concept was both Professional Development (PD) and Team Building with numerous staff sharing their experiences from recently attended PDs that not all staff were privy to. An excellent time was had and management would like to thank all who made it as we know it was not easy for some.

Saturday was kicked off by the staff who participated in the 2017 Malarkey Playwork Conference in Melbourne doing a debrief of all they learned. From play grounds in Iraq and understanding boys’ behaviour to Auckland's "school with no rules" and refreshing ourselves on Playwork theory this was a thorough and fascinating session. In fact, for a PD only scheduled for 1.5 hours it ended up taking 2.5 largely due to the awesome amount and quality of discussion these topics raised.

After lunch it was off to the dam itself for a team raft building exercise. A lot of fun was had and only a few tears shed as some of the boys launched a boarding party across rafts

leading to their mutual sinking. This can of course be attributed to the limbic centre of the boy’s brain and not any fault of the boys (thanks Playwork conference)!

After a well-earned hot shower, we reviewed the incredible results of our Action Research Project we have been conducting with QCAN for nearly 9 months titled “What is the significance of loose parts on play frames and play types in an OSHC setting?” Theory was applied to the study and discussed with excellent results. We look forward to presenting this study at the annual QCAN Conference and to any parents interested. 

A special thanks to all our staff that contributed.

After all of this we enjoyed a Camp Hill OSHC favourite... a nice fire and hot meal. In an industry plagued by poor retention and high staff turnover it was awesome to have so many staff attend this event. We thank our P&C for supporting such initiatives to ensure we can provide the best team possible for our many families.



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