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August 17
Tribute to Don Mackie

The Camp Hill School community is mourning the recent passing of Mr Don Mackie, an active member of this community from 1993 - 2003.

During his time at Camp Hill, Don served many years in the role of P&C President. Throughout this time, along with the entire Mackie family he was hands-on with working bees, school fetes, and multiple fundraisers. He was also an active campaigner for the establishment of our current SEP building. Don, Lois and family were dedicated Swimming Club members, cooking many a BBQ and serving innumerable ice cups.
Lois (Mrs Mackie) volunteered for many years in the Tuckshop before taking on the position of Convenor. It was under her leadership that Camp Hill School became the first school in Brisbane to receive one of the Food Smart Schools' prestigious Gold Menu Awards for excellence in Tuckshop menus.
Our thanks go to Don and the Mackie family for being such an integral part of making Camp Hill School the place it is today.
Our thoughts and best wishes are with Lois, Thomas, Andrew and Caitlin, as well as the extended family who are also current members of our school.


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