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September 01
National Science Week

National Science Week was a whirlwind of learning and activity at Camp Hill. At the Junior School the students developed a ‘Brisbane City of the Future’ looking towards the Year 2037. All students in Years 1 and 2 were part of a team looking at designing a better, smarter, healthier, happier and more sustainable city. Students had to consider the transport system, buildings, public spaces, green spaces, service systems, the environment, the population and sustainability.

The students came up with some amazing ideas, which were translated into the 3D model. Perhaps the most important aspect of the activity was the development and opportunity to use a range of thinking skills – students brainstormed, predicted, philosophised, thought outside of the square, were flexible; and were very mindful of each other’s ideas. Many showed some very creative flair in their thinking of ideas and how these ideas may translate into 3D construction.
The final city, with each component being brought together on the last day of National Science Week, was officially opened and explored by all the students who were involved. Many thanks must go to Mrs Bryden for organising the activity, the teachers for their ongoing commitment towards Early Years education, the students for their great input and enthusiasm; as well as the parents who helped in many of the classrooms. What a tremendous Science Week!
Book Week has started with a BANG! with the annual Book Character parade being a wonderful success. It was great to see the wonderful costumes worn with pride by the students in the Junior School. Thank you to all the mums, dads and family members who were able to attend. It is great to see our Camp Hill students loving books and reading!
It is also great to see the massive gains our Prep students are making with writing. Our Reading To Learn program is really making a difference!


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