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October 27
OSHC Mid term update
It has been a huge month of PD and training for the staff and parents at Camp Hill OSHC. We have both hosted and attended events of great importance to our service and philosophy and have walked away more passionate for the privilege.
On the 6th of October we were host to Hyahno Moser from Nature Play QLD who gave a presentation for our staff, and Camp Hill parents and delegates from 13 other services and schools. The presentation delved deeply into the world of neuro science and incredibly adverse effects of screen time on the developing mind. Although we have often “suspected” this was the case, and thus minimise screen usage at OSHC, it was fascinating to see hard research correlate this suspicion into evidence. The content was, to be honest, challenging for many as it is easy to underestimate the magnitude of the adverse effects.
On Friday the 13th of October, seven Camp Hill OSHC staff attended the very worthwhile symposium hosted at St Laurences. The guest speaker, Dr Peter Gray gave a hugely detailed analysis of the effects of a play deprived childhood. From anxiety, depression to lack of executive function, the research and findings were sobering. It certainly gave us huge motivation to us as a team in preaching the importance of play as an absolutely critical developmental tool, not just something that (might) fill in the gaps around “important” pursuits.
For more information on this research we would strongly encourage you to browse this article: . We hope, based on the feedback we have thus received from parents and colleges in the industry to host more information sessions.
On that note we are pleased to invite parents and faculty to a special presentation of our 2017 Action Research Project, (to be held on Friday the 27th October @ 6:00pm), titled “What is the significance of loose parts on play frames and play types in an OSHC setting”. This research was conducted in our very own OSHC area and is currently being scaffolded as a peer reviewed journal article. The research and findings were quite profound even for us who spend so much time in this area; and we are very excited to present it to the parents of the children that benefit and thrive in this environment. Please RSVP to by Monday the 23rd October as space will be limited. 
Todd, Angus & the team at OSHC


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