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November 22
CPR program
Our Class Parent Representatives (CPR’s) are pivotal to the ongoing communication at our school, and as such, it is timely to acknowledge their hard work and commitment to the efficient running of the school.
The CPR Program was devised around five years ago by the then president of the P&C, Sharyn Minchinton, who trialled the program, compiled the handbook and negotiated the existing role of the CPR members. Since then, we have had a large number of dedicated parents who have worked with teachers, parents and the school over the years to communicate and provide reminders to other parents. They have also been instrumental as the ‘go to’ people to get information about programs and school activities quickly and efficiently.

The school conducted a communication audit in 2015, which acknowledged the importance and reliance of the CPR Program as a primary source of communication. Many families rely heavily on the Sunday reminder text from the CPR each week as they lead their busy family lives. We hope this continues in the future.
I would like to acknowledge the commitment of the CPR facilitators over the period of time for their time and effort in gleaning information from the school, checking on dates and times, liaising with CPR’s and writing the texts each Sunday. In particular, I would like to thank Karen Gilmore who has been part of the program since its conception, and has worked hard to improve the service over the years. Karen leaves the position as her children leave our school at the end of the year. Thank you Karen!
Thanks must also be given to Lyndal Colbert, facilitator for a number of years, Mel Loring who will step down as facilitator after this year, and Belinda Parsons who will continue her role as facilitator in 2018. The input of all of these people is highly regarded by the school community. I know that the Camp Hill model has been adopted by numerous other schools due to the support and success of the program.
At the beginning of 2018, classes will be asking for a new parent rep to represent them. Please consider joining the fun-loving group of CPRs in 2018.


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