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November 22
Remaining Open to Continuous Learning

​The Year 3 students have been engaged in HoM16, known as ‘Remaining Open to Continuous Learning’.

We read a poem about a 74 year old Granny who decided she would enrol in university. The ensuing discussion revolved around whether Granny should or should not be going to university, whether or not she was too old, if she had made a good decision; and what kind of advice we could give her which she may find useful.

A couple of questions were considered and discussed, to  which the children gave some insightful responses:

“When do we begin to learn?”

  • When we start school.
  • When we are born
  • Before we are born
  • We learn when we can see.
  • We learn when we can talk


“Do you think there is a time when people stop learning things?”
  • Yes, when they get too old.
  • No, there is too much to learn and you have to keep on going.
  • Yes, when you are dead.
  • Yes, when you are too old to go outside.
  • No. Never.
  • No. You keep learning until you die.


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