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July 21
New winter menu at Tuckshop
The new tuckshop Winter Menu is now available.  Perfect for winter, is the new Butter Chicken & Rice or the homemade Roasted Sweet Potato & Coconut soup.  All your winter favourites are back as well.
Remember that Flexischools cut off time is 8:15am for 1st and 2nd breaks and 12:00pm for afternoon tea.
The weather is cooler, but we still stock those birthday ice block treats, you can order through Flexischools.

July 21
Primary Schools Volleyball Cup

Year 4 - 6 students interested in playing in the school volleyball teams, please see Mrs Roberts to register interest.

The carnival date is Thursday 24th August and is open for boys and girls.
July 21
T20 Blast Cricket Schools Cup - starts week 3
Year 5/6 students interested in playing in the school T20 Blast cricket teams, please see Mr Bourke to register interest. This is open for boys and girls. Trials will begin in Week 3. The carnival date for the T20 Blast is Friday 8th September.


July 21
Lunch Time Basketball Coaching

This term we are very lucky to have Spartans Basketball coaches running skills and development sessions for our Senior Campus students.

Sessions are run on the outdoor multi-purpose courts and are at first play break from 11:15 -11:40am. This begins in Week 3 and continues through to Week 9.
Days are:
·         Year 4 - 6 – Wednesdays
·         Year 3 – Fridays
Numbers are limited to 30 students each session. First lining up each play break will get to participate.
July 20
Medical information

Each year we ask families to provide us with any relevant information on the health of their children. A large number of students have been identified as asthmatic. If a child is identified as asthmatic we require a Health Plan (and any associated medication) so that the school can respond if an incident arises. We are currently contacting families who have identified a medical condition on their child’s school information but who have not provided us with a Health Plan. We thank you for supporting us to support your child.

July 19

The Tuckshop is once again putting a call out for volunteer helpers. It is around this time of year that many parents return to the workforce, so we lose some of our lovely volunteers.

All we are asking is 2 hours (9:00am – 11:00am) once a week/month/term, especially on a Thursday & Friday.  If you have little ones still at home, maybe you could arrange with a friend to care for them one week while you help out and return the favour the following week. Do your children have grandparents or aunts and uncles that could lend a hand?  We will even arrange for a Working with Children Card for them.
Please contact Sharyn directly on 3900 9429, email or pop in and see her.

July 19

The Prep and Year 1 Classes engaged with ‘Felix Friendly’ and ‘Fiona Friendly’ in the final weeks of Term two. These characters work hand in hand with ‘Gabby Get Along’ and ‘Gary Get Along’ as we try very hard not to make poor choices that ‘Bartholomew Bad Friend’ makes!

 Many classes read the big picture book from the Behaviour Matters series called “Giraffe is Left Out”. The story explores the effect of and isolation felt by those who are deliberately left out of activities and games.
“Optiminds” required the Year 4 children to work in small teams, think ‘outside the box’ and prepare and present solutions to some very challenging task cards.
We begin third term re-focussing on CONSIDERATION.
Our Y.C.D.I. topics are PERSISTENCE and RESILIENCE. By getting along and working together we can accomplish so much -  “Together We Achieve.”
July 19
How Children learn to read

Welcome back for another term of great learning! It has been wonderful to see so many Prep students make the jump to beginner reading over the last few months, with many more ready to do so. Prep writing is becoming more fluent with the knowledge of many new sight words. I have read many recounts of holiday experiences this week and am amazed at the progress of our youngest students.

I have had many parents request information about how to engage students with reading, and what they can do to encourage beginner reading at home. Parents do a wonderful job reading to their children at night which is evident from the children’s love of good, quality literature.
To help parents to support their children with independent reading, we are organising a Parent information session on ‘How Children Learn to Read’. This will be delivered by our school coach, Mrs Maureen Burnes and our head of Curriculum, Mrs Elaine Felstead on Thursday 3rd August. See attached Flyer for details.
This would be a great opportunity for Parents of Prep aged children and other interested adults to learn some practical information about the reading process, as well as strategies to support reading.
Michael Frearson
Deputy Principal
July 19
Date saver - School Biannual Musical

This term will see much activity as we prepare for our biannual School Musical. Disney The Little Mermaid Jnr will be held on 24/25/26 November.

All of the children involved are required at the music room at 8:00am on Monday morning.  At this time a timetable of rehearsals will be handed out.

July 19

Throughout the school we have a number of students who identify with allergies to a range of items. A number of these students have anaphylactic reactions (including the need to use an Epi-pen) when exposed to a specific item (usually, but not always, food).

Class teachers will have shared specific information with their families about specific items to avoid in their class group.
As a school we have a Nut AwarePolicy and I encourage you to continue to support the health of all students at Camp Hill.
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