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November 22
2018 Representative School Sport Opportunities

​Students, who are turning 10-12yrs old in 2018, have the opportunity to nominate for school representative trials.

Students must be nominated by our school to attend the any trial. Please visit the district and regional sporting websites for more information.
November 22
2018 Lytton District Swimming Trials

​Students, who are turning 10-12 years old in 2018, have the opportunity to trial at the Lytton District event. This will be held on Friday 9th February 2018.

Interested students would need to meet qualifying times set by our school representative district, to be nominated. Personal best times can be considered, as well as times used when trialling for our 2017 school carnival.
Please see Mr Bourke or Mrs Roberts to express interest.
November 22
School Council update

​The purpose of the Council is to provide the Principal and the school’s leadership team with support to develop and implement the strategic plan of the school. This year we have focused our discussion on the links between physical mobility, improved levels of resilience and academic performance of our children. On the back of this work the School, with the help of funding from the P&C, was able to pilot an expanded PE program in terms 3 and 4 with great success. The intention is to continue this program across 4 terms in 2018.

The Council has also taken a keen interest in developing the classroom of the future. This initiative will take on many forms over the coming years covering physical and digital learning environments etc. With the new Digital Technologies curriculum coming into practice in 2019, we foresee that the Council will maintain a strong interest in the evolution of this initiative.

Each year approximately half of the Council positions are up for re-election. This year we have three people finishing their terms on the Council. I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of the school community to Ms Larissa Wills, Mr James Hunt and Ms Helen Webb for being fantastic contributors to the work of the Council. Ms Toni Whitby, Ms Megan Beuermann and Ms Juliet Alabaster will take up the vacant positions on the Council in 2018.

Finally, I would like to extend a very big thank-you to our Principal Ms Debbie Driver, her leadership team, the staff and the parents who have volunteered their time to support the school’s vision “Together We Achieve”. They have done a great job supporting our children’s learning in 2017 enabling us to start 2018 a step ahead! Have a very merry Christmas.
Damien Colbert
School Council Chairperson
November 22
CPR program
Our Class Parent Representatives (CPR’s) are pivotal to the ongoing communication at our school, and as such, it is timely to acknowledge their hard work and commitment to the efficient running of the school.
The CPR Program was devised around five years ago by the then president of the P&C, Sharyn Minchinton, who trialled the program, compiled the handbook and negotiated the existing role of the CPR members. Since then, we have had a large number of dedicated parents who have worked with teachers, parents and the school over the years to communicate and provide reminders to other parents. They have also been instrumental as the ‘go to’ people to get information about programs and school activities quickly and efficiently.

The school conducted a communication audit in 2015, which acknowledged the importance and reliance of the CPR Program as a primary source of communication. Many families rely heavily on the Sunday reminder text from the CPR each week as they lead their busy family lives. We hope this continues in the future.
I would like to acknowledge the commitment of the CPR facilitators over the period of time for their time and effort in gleaning information from the school, checking on dates and times, liaising with CPR’s and writing the texts each Sunday. In particular, I would like to thank Karen Gilmore who has been part of the program since its conception, and has worked hard to improve the service over the years. Karen leaves the position as her children leave our school at the end of the year. Thank you Karen!
Thanks must also be given to Lyndal Colbert, facilitator for a number of years, Mel Loring who will step down as facilitator after this year, and Belinda Parsons who will continue her role as facilitator in 2018. The input of all of these people is highly regarded by the school community. I know that the Camp Hill model has been adopted by numerous other schools due to the support and success of the program.
At the beginning of 2018, classes will be asking for a new parent rep to represent them. Please consider joining the fun-loving group of CPRs in 2018.

November 22
Baylor University

​This year is the 25th year of Camp Hill hosting education students from Baylor University (Texas, USA) – and Ms Betty-Ruth has led every visit. The partnership between Baylor and Camp Hill is highly valued and has certainly seen some valued research published over the years, as well as developing an international partnership and understanding for our students and staff. I hope you take the time to welcome our visitors on campus.

November 22
Class Parent Reps
I would like to acknowledge the tremendous work that both Karen Gilmore (for the last four years) and Mel Loring (in 2017) have provided in coordinating the Camp Hill Classroom Parent Representative (CPS) program.
As Karen and Mel hand over the reins of the CPR network I know that they leave it in good hands with Belinda Parsons and some new coordinators, but I know that there will be much sadness from our CPRs and families to see both Karen and Mel leave their roles. I wish them both well in the future, and thank them for their innovation, passion, talent and commitment to this program.

November 22
Generosity of our school P&C

​I would like to publicly acknowledge the generosity of our school P&C for their support of our school – the time that is spent on supporting the diverse range of programs on campus ensures that every Camp Hill student has extended learning opportunities. This year the focus has been on: providing funds for the Classrooms of the Future program; additional sporting equipment and programs; cooling fans for our Multi-purpose Hall; and air-conditioning of our Prep rooms and Junior SEP.

The Executive Committee are committed to providing our students with an outstanding Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program; a tuckshop that aligns with DET Smart Choices program and provides such yummy food options, as well as the Uniform shop which provides exceptional service. All of these businesses are managed by the P&C Executives on a volunteer basis and ensure that the focus is always on the students and families of our school. On behalf of the school community – THANK YOU.

November 07
Author visit
We would like to thank Harper Collins Publishers and Riverbend Books for providing the opportunity for our Year 3 students to listen to interstate authors Matt Stanton and Katrina Nannestad. They spoke passionately about developing characters and using your imagination when writing. Matt demonstrated, through illustration, the concept of combining two unusual ideas to make a new idea. Our new character Sean was wearing a taxi! Katrina elaborated on using people and animals you know as the basis for character development.
Our visitors were very impressed with the participation and interest our Year 3 students displayed.

November 07
Tommy the turtle

​Last week a number of our girls in Years 5 and 6 attended the ‘Young Change Agents Workshop” which aimed to teach them how to be social entrepreneurs over a three day workshop.

The workshop was held at Corinda State High School and the girls learnt about Social Enterprise where they brainstormed concepts, researched their topic, developed their business and pitched their idea to a judging panel. They were up against many other groups including a group of teachers and two groups of High School students. The girls were very excited to win the pitch against the other teams with their ‘Tommy the Turtle’ business. Congratulations to the girls for their exceptional work. One of the girls, Neave, writes her thoughts
about the day below.

Our Entrepreneurs Experience
Our group was named the "Wise Chicken Nuggets" and the members were: Neave, Addison, Emma and Carmen. We were all offered this wonderful opportunity to attend this awesome experience. On the first day we created a bike using: pipe
cleaners, paddle pop sticks, match sticks, plasticine, tape and straws. Then we created a poster with three major problems in our community. We then chose one problem to base a number of questions on -we chose littering. On our second day we answered these questions which helped us plan our business: the purpose, the customers, the problem, the alternatives, the solution, the key metrics, the high level concept and the unfair advantage. On the third day we created a PowerPoint on Tommy the Turtle and came first!
October 27
Swim Club website

Friday night Club this season has been lots of fun with lots of PBs.  The Club would like to welcome all the new families swimming for the very first time and hope that you have enjoyed the night.  Thank you to all our volunteers!

All Club Registrations must be done online via the Club website
All Friday Club night nominations must now be done online . Online nominations will remain open until 6pm on the Friday night.
Saturday 11th November
INTERCLUB CARNIVAL against Marshall Road and Rochedale
Friday 1st December
Saturday 2nd December
INTERCLUB CARNIVAL against Wellers Hill and Mansfield
Camp Hill Swim Club Website:
For all enquiries please contact Bernadette Larter
Cheryl Rollason (Coach) 3823 4698 / 0407 577 822
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