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Comprehension success


 Some tips to help your child's reading comprehension.

​No. 1 - Activate prior knowledge

This is when they think about all the things they already know about a topic.  Activating prior knowledge is useful because it gives readers a base to build new knowledge and helps them make connections with the text.  Try talking about this with your child as they read.


No. 2 – Make predictions

This is when they use clues such as the title, illustrations, blurb, author, text type or what they have read previously to make smart guesses about what’s coming up next in the text.  Predicting is a key reading strategy, as it helps to set a purpose for reading and keeps readers motivated and focused.

No. 3 - Ask questions 

Asking and answering questions helps to engage the reader with the text.  It provides a purpose for reading and gives the students a reason to clarify meaning.  This connection helps to deepen their understanding.  So, when you read with your child encourage them to ask … “I wonder why, where, when, how, if, who,…?