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Fun and educational websites (Education Queensland):
Bullying. No Way!  



Cool Numeracy Games


Arithmatic Game
Coffee Shop (Hard)
Timernator (Addition)
Timernator (Subtraction)
Timernator (Multpication & Division)
Fractone (Fractions)


Cool Literacy Games


Vowel Sounds
Cluess Crosswords
Look Cover Type Check
Spelling Quiz (Grade 1-3)
Alien Hangman


Cool Science Games


Marsupial (Info & Quiz)
Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers Game
Food Chain Game
Animal Characteristics Game
Learn The Elemental Groups
Learn The Periodic Table


Cool Geography Games


Map Snap (Australia)
Map Snap (Europe)
Learn The Geographic Regions Of Australia
Learn The Countries Of Oceania
Learn The Capitals Of Oceania


Music Games


Virtual Keyboard
The Rasta Game
Drum Sessions


Other Cool Games


Colour World Origins

Balloon Tower Defence
Typing Tutor


Free Microsoft Office 2016 for students

All Queensland state school staff and students can now download multiple free copies of the latest Microsoft Office to their personal home computers and mobile devices.

Students and staff will need to use their school email address to sign in. Students who don’t have a school login, school email account and password should contact their school's Managed Internet Service (MIS) administrator or class teacher. The administrator will help students activate their school login.

Microsoft Office 2016 is available for personal devices only, not devices owned by the department or part of a school network. Errors and conflicts will occur if Office 2016 is downloaded on departmental devices, as these devices already have a licenced copy of Microsoft Office.

Your Office subscription lasts for as long as you’re a Queensland state school student or school-based staff member.

Download process

For PC and Mac, visit, login using your school email address, click through to install and follow the onscreen process.
For tablets and smartphones, download from your app store and sign in with your school email address.
If you have trouble, please refer to the instructions on how to download and install Microsoft Office 2016 to your personal home computers: