CHSIPS Environmental Club – ‘The Ekoalas’

The Environmental Club, or Ekoalas, as students in the club are known, is open to all Year 5 and Year 6 students. The club is coordinated by Mr Hunt and Mr Branagan.
The Ekoalas participate in a wide range of activities.  They learn about many aspects of gardening such as how to use tools correctly and the art of composting.  They also learn how to plant seeds and seedlings and how and when to harvest fruit and vegetables.   
The club also focuses on nurturing our wonderful environment at Camp Hill.  A quick look at the Google satellite image of Camp Hill illustrates that the school and its grounds is a green triangle, like a large slice of cake in a very busy part of Brisbane.  A veritable oasis. We are wonderfully lucky to have a resident population of possums, both brushies and ringtails and birds that have made the grounds their home such as plovers, tawny frogmouths and kookaburras.  Amazingly, we are visited on a regular basis by koalas and sometimes rare birds such as bush stone curlews. To look after and encourage this biodiversity, over the past few years, students in the club have planted a wide variety of native plant species and put in many koala-food trees, such as Queensland blue gums and tallowwoods.
The Ekoalas are always on lookout for koalas and when they are spotted, we contact the rangers at Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary who are plotting and recording koala sightings in South-east Queensland.
The club also promotes a greener and cleaner environment at school and gets involved with campaigns such as Clean Up Australia Day. A focus for the Ekoalas in 2017 is to see a dramatic reduction in the overall waste at school, particularly plastic litter.  At the end of the year, Ekoalas in Year 6 spend an exciting day exploring Moreton Bay aboard the Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre’s vessel ‘Inspiration’. On this trip, they learn, amongst other things, about the effect our actions on the land have on the marine environment.
The Ekoalas have had a genuine and positive impact on the school over the past few years and have had a massive effect on raising awareness of the importance of looking after our precious slice of the environment.
* Year 5 students meet at 8:00 on Wednesday mornings
* Year 6 students meet at 8:00 on Thursday mornings.
* Both grades of Ekoalas meet during the first break on Thursday at 11:00, usually in Mr Hunt’s room.
Some Year 5s may attend on Thursdays and some Year 6s may attend on Wednesdays if that is more convenient for parents or if the child has other commitments on that particular morning.

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Last reviewed 09 April 2020
Last updated 09 April 2020