Annual General Meeting (AGM)


​​​The CHSIPS P&C annual general meeting will be held on 15 March 2022 at 7.00pm in the Senior Campus staff room.  The AGM is an important event in the P&C annual calendar.  At the meeting, members will hold elections for executive appointments and consider membership applications for 2022/23 as outlined in our constitution.

Executive elections

We strongly encourage you to nominate for an executive position to help set direction and drive the Association to reach its objectives. Under our constitution, executives must be elected as follows:

  1. any two members of the Association (the Nominating Members) may nominate another member (the Candidate) to be an Officer
  2. the nomination may be made:

  • ​​in person, by the Nominating Members, at the relevant meeting, or
  • if the Candidate cannot be present at the relevant meeting, by giving the Secretary, before the meeting, a nomination in writing signed by the Nominating Members and the Candidate

If there is only one nomination for a position, the Candidate will be elected to the relevant office if the candidate receives the votes of a majority of the members at the meeting

If there is more than one nomination for a position the Candidate who receives the majority of the votes will be elected to the relevant office.

Our constitution currently requires the members of the Association to elect the following Officers (the Association’s executives) from its members:

  • a President

  • at least one Vice-President

  • a Secretary

  • a Treasurer

  • any additional Officers as decided by the Association.

If you have any questions about executive roles with the association or the process for nomination, please contact the Secretary at or email the P&C office on

Why your membership is important

Our school's Parents & Citizens' Association (P&C) strives to support the school to provide the best leaning environment for our children.  The P&C committee work closely with the school in many ways, such as providing Uniform Shop, Tuckshop and Out of School Hours Care (OSHCS) services, as well as fundraising to support significant projects such as school infrastructure and community support programs.

The P&C can only achieve its goals by making smart decisions through discussion amongst its members and then taking action, often though the fantastic volunteers from the school community. 

Membership gives you a voice on how the P&C is run.  Only P&C members can vote on issues up for decision, including voting in the P&C executive at the annual general meeting (AGM) and making amendments to the P&C's constitution.  Members also receive agendas and minutes from meetings via email so they can keep abreast of current events and initiatives that the P&C is working on.

How to become a member

The following persons are eligible to be members of the Association:

  • a parent of a child/student attending the School
  • staff member of the School, or
  • an adult  who is interested in the school’s welfare .

Eligible persons can join the Association by:

  1. Lodging a membership application to the annual general meeting each year (our membership form is available on the P&C page); or
  2. Completing a membership application form and attend a regular general meeting to have it validated. General meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month and are shown on your school calendar.

Under our current constitution, annual general meetings are the only time that membership will be accepted without the applicant attending a meeting to nominate themselves. 

Membership is for one year. 

Last reviewed 31 July 2021
Last updated 31 July 2021