Mission and Values


We focus on the fundamental belief that learning is central to everything we do, in every field of activity and with all members of our school community.

Our Vision

To establish valued partnerships with and between our students, families and staff. This can be achieved through respectful and honest communication.

Our school motto "Together We Achieve" is enacted through dynamic and productive partnerships both within the school and the local community.

Our Values

1.    Life Learning

We value lifelong learning through the promotion of creative exploration, independent learning, inquiry and innovation.

We believe everyone, at every age, can learn and improve. Each individual is unique with their own interests and character to be developed.

We are committed to providing learning experiences that are rigorous, future-focused, enterprising  and transferable to the diverse range of situations that our students will encounter.

As a school, we believe that optimal learning occurs with structure, space, time and opportunity to foster inventiveness and resourcefulness. Given time to think, students will learn about, improve and expand their world of learning.

2.    Respect

We value the 4Cs:


Courtesy is being polite and having good manners. When we speak and act courteously we give others a feeling of being valued and respected.


Consideration is being thoughtful of other people and their feelings. We thing about how our actions affect others. We pay careful attention to what others like and dislike. Consideration of others is being fair, including everyone and making good choices. Consideration is caring for people, property and the environment.


Cooperation is getting along and working together with others to share the load in an organised way. When we cooperate, we join with others to do things that cannot be done alone. We are willing to follow the rules to keep everyone safe and happy. Together we can accomplish more.


Commitment is deciding carefully what we need to do and then giving it 100%, trying as hard as we can. We give our all to a friendship, a task, or something we believe in. We show persistence and finish what we start. We keep our promises.

We expect all members of our school community to act with a high level of personal integrity, modelling the best standards of personal behaviour. We take pride in our school.

3.    Collaboration

Intentional collaboration is valued as the best way for our school to achieve results and improve student learning.

“Collaboration is when colleagues in a school come together to share ideas, tools and strategies in order to make key curriculum, assessment, instruction, teacher development and leadership decisions". Transformational Collaboration - Gavin Grift 2016 et al.

There is consensus among the world's leading educational researchers that collaboration is essential to building an effective Professional Learning Community (PLC).

The 'big ideas' that drive the work of a PLC are:

  1. A focus on learning – the fundamental purpose of a school is to ensure that all students learn at high levels
  2. A collaborative culture and collective responsibility – educators must work collaboratively and take collective responsibility for the success of each student.
  3. A results' orientation – educators focus on evidence of student learning.
Last reviewed 20 May 2021
Last updated 20 May 2021